What Does The Water Look Like? Here We Dump Out The Water That Comes Out Of An Average Soiled Carpet

A lot of times our clients ask us “what does the water look like that you are extracting?” So we decided to shoot a quick video, it always surprises people the amount of soil that is in their carpets. You would have never guessed we got this much soil out of an average soiled carpet we cleaned. To eliminate as much dry soil as possible you want to be sure you are vacuuming regularly, and slowly. We find that in most cases that homeowners vacuum way too fast and end up rushing through the whole process to get to other chores around the house. Just because the fibers are being picked up does not mean that your vacuum is done extracting dry soil in that area, slow strokes are key to proper carpet maintenance. Otherwise you leave soil behind and as you are walking through your home those soils end up getting ground into the carpet fibers and over time causing damage to the carpet fibers. Homeowners often think they are just looking at dirty carpet and that is true, but they don’t realize that each tiny carpet fiber is being damaged and starting to split almost like hair does. Ladies, you familiar with the term “split-ends”? That’s right, Your carpet fibers do the same thing! 

What ends up happening is that once we remove the soil some areas still appear “darker” that’s because so much of what we see is the way light reflects off things and the damaged fiber you cannot see is damaged is causing the light to reflect differently off them than it does the undamaged fibers. This is why carpets get darker or “worn” in high traffic areas and won’t look as good as other areas after a professional cleaning. This is why we stress routine vacuuming before your carpets appear to be soiled, this will save you a ton on carpet replacement in the future. Just vacuum regularly and have your carpets professionally cleaned annually to ensure mites and allergens that your vacuum cannot remove are properly eliminated. This will also ensure the water extracted from your carpet won’t look like the video above. If you have any questions feel free to reach out, we are happy to help! To book a professional carpet cleaning with us, you can do so here on our website!


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