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Pet stain & odor removal jobs are never easy. We weigh in how long the stain has been there, how big it is and the color of it as all pets have different chemistry inside of them. A bright yellow color is usually easy to get out but the lighter yellows can be tricky on white carpets so we can never guarantee pet stain removal but we can guarantee to properly treat the stain so that it has been disinfected and cleaned. This way you can still feel comfortable in your home walking around in your bare feet.

The carpet cleaning on this job went really well. The carpets weren’t visibly soiled to begin with other than a few stains here and there. The solvent we used on the pet stain also contains a deodorizer with a raspberry scent, this neutralizes the odor so that your pet can no longer smell it which will decrease the chance of them re-soiling that particular area. That’s another reason you want to hire a professional carpet cleaner that you can trust to complete the job properly. If you have a dog urine stain in your carpet and it isn’t treated properly, even after having the carpets cleaned, if your dog still smells their urine they may think it is ok to go ahead and do it again in that area. Another reason you want to be sure your stains will be treated properly is because an incompetent carpet cleaner could actually set stains in your carpet so that they cannot even be removed when using the proper chemistry. So when you are in need of a professional carpet cleaning service, book Windy City Steam to ensure your carpets are being steam cleaned properly. This also ensures that your carpets are as clean as stain free as possible. Visit our homepage for more information about our carpet cleaning services.

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