Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Dupage County | Carpet Cleaning At A Large Bank

Commercial carpet cleaning services in Dupage County. Windy City Steam is a commercial carpet cleaning service in the West Suburbs of the Chicagoland area. Here we steam clean the carpets on the first floor of a huge bank. The carpets were about 30,000 square foot on the first floor alone! Our clients often think a job of this size would take a very long time. In this case we did the job in one LONG day, if we were to do it again we would probably split it into 2 days because it ended up being a 18 hour shift due to the heavy soiling of the carpets.

We cleaned most of the carpets using our truck mounted commercial carpet cleaning unit as it pretty much needed to be. There was a small area in the back where the high level bankers spend their day that consisted of 2 main hallways and common areas and a handful of executive offices that weren’t very soiled but they wanted to have them cleaned as well since we were there so I had one worker set up the portable in that area and let him complete that area as it was the only section doable with a portable. That realistically only saved us about 2 hours on our truck mounted system but in a job of this size, every little bit helps. If you are in need of a commercial carpet cleaning service for a large carpet cleaning job in Dupage, Will, or Kane County, consider booking Windy City Steam commercial carpet cleaners! We are set up to handle commercial carpet cleaning jobs of all sizes and our results speak for themselves! We may not be the cheapest carpet cleaning service around, but our prices are more than reasonable for all included with our commercial carpet cleaning services. For more information check out our homepage:

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