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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

This commercial carpet was overdue for a carpet cleaning service with a little extra care. This commercial client found us on Google and we look forward to being their steam cleaning service for years to come. We were actually hired to clean a tile floor for them, and while doing the walkthrough the client asked me if I thought the carpet would clean up. I explained to him that the carpet is highly soiled and beginning to “wear” in several areas. Especially under the desks, we ran into several coffee stains as well. I told him he is definitely due for replacement, but at the same time cleaning would make everything look 100 times better. The client told me that they had high level corporate execs from their company coming in town so replacement was an option, as they didn’t have that timeframe. I told him I am sure it will stay darker under the desks but the open areas will look a lot better. I gave him a quote and he booked the service right then.

Commercial properties can be tough to service and not all carpet cleaning companies service them for that reason, that is another way we are different from our competitors. We specialize in both commercial & residential carpet cleaning services. On this particular job, I worked on a Sunday as that was the only day they didn’t have people in the office. At Windy City Steam, we are easy to work with and work with several different commercial clients  that all have different needs we are able to accommodate. If you are in need of a local carpet cleaning company you should consider Windy City Steam! We offer a wide variety of services to both homeowners & businesses, check out our website for more information.

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