Asphalt/Blacktop Sealcoating Cleanup Service – Specialized Stain Removal

Here’s another sealcoating clean up job we did for the local sealcoating company that we work with. This one all went really well as we never know what to expect as far as what it will take to properly remove the sealer. On this job we were able to complete the job without having to repaint the garage door which is always a plus for us and the homeowner. Overall everything cleaned up great here and the homeowner was happy with the results. Which is what we look for in every job we complete; customer satisfaction.

Like I said, these sealcoating removal jobs can be tricky, which is why we always say leave this type of work up to the professionals. Most of these jobs we arrive and the homeowners are mad about the mess and rightfully so, but they don’t realize that we are gonna fully remove it. Of course, to cover my own, I always tell a client I am not sure what all it will take, but we’ll remove at least 80% of it, you might see a tiny bit still that will wear off over the next few months. So they don’t necessarily have the highest expectations, nonetheless, they are happy that we are there to try. By the time we are completed they usually say, “wow, looks better than it did before it happened!” And that was the case here. That is because if we are there pressure washing, we obviously aren’t gonna just leave a clean spot on the concrete where we had to clean off sealer and everyone’s concrete is dirty. So we clean the whole area to save from any “ugly” transitions so some areas actually do look much better than they did before the mess ever happened! If you run into a mess at your home and require specialized stain removal, you can get more info about our services on our homepage:

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