Best Carpet Cleaner For Pet Owners – Removing Pet Stains From Carpet

Best Carpet Cleaner For Pet OwnersWhat We Recommend For Cat & Dog Owners

As a pet owner myself, I know the joys of having pets all too well. No matter how well trained they are, they will have an occasional accident here and there. Often times our clients ask us what we recommend to keep up with accidents in between professional carpet cleaning, here we will detail what we recommend, why we recommend these carpet cleaning machines, and a few tips to handle your pet’s accidents that occur on the carpets.

The most common carpet cleaning machines homeowners show me are the Bissell brands you can buy at your local Wal Mart and this is a tragedy. Those carpet cleaning machines are really pointless in terms of actual cleaning the carpets, I definitely wouldn’t try to tackle any tough stains with one of those. The whole machine is hugely flawed including the instructions that come with it. For one it lacks the proper water pressure required to actually extract urine, and the solutions that you can buy for them are overpriced and always leave a residue in the carpet. If you are using one of those Bissell or Hoover machines and you are using the solution in your water tank, you need to then “re-clean” the area with just water. This rinses the soap out of the carpet. Number one no no of carpet cleaning is leaving soap in the carpet and these carpet cleaner machines literally tell you to do JUST THAT. The problem with that is you leave a sticky residue in the carpet that actually attracts soil to it. If you use one of these carpet cleaning machines you’ll notice that your carpet actually gets dirty much faster the more frequent you use it. So we advise our clients to stay away from those machines. We actually point them in the direction of more “professional style” carpet cleaning machines. One like I used in the video above. You can get them shipped right to your door these days from Amazon. Sure, they cost a bit more so take your budget into consideration, but I’d bet one of these carpet cleaner machines will actually be cheaper over time. 

Here’s Why:

Whether you purchase a store bought machine like the Hoover or Bissell brands, or you rent a rug doctor machine from a local store, what do you do next? You buy the solution! Don’t forget the separate “pet stain cleaner” too. With a machine that actually had the water pressure required to extract, you would just have to treat the stain with some Simple Green and that stuff is like $8/gallon at Home Depot, and a gallon goes a long way too. Plus over time, a more professional carpet cleaning machine will save you from needing to replace your carpet and frequent professional carpet cleaning costs.

How To Treat Pet Stains:

I always recommend Simple Green on just about any stain on your carpet. It’s safe on all carpets, and really does a great job removing carpet spots. You can either use it at full strength or you can dilute it to your needs you just want to make sure you rinse it out of the carpet fully. Stay away from Resolve & Folex, that stuff is famous for “setting stains” so that not even a professional can remove them.

Carpet Cleaners We Recommend:

Here’s 2 different machines I recommend. One is a heated unit and the other unit is not a heated unit. The heated unit is a little bit more pricey, I was using the non heated model in the video. 

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