Carpet Cleaning At An Empty Apartment Unit – Windy City Steam Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet cleaning services by Windy City Steam at a vacant apartment unit. A lot of our carpet cleaning jobs are like this one, where a tenant is moving out and needs to have the carpets professionally steam cleaned in order to get their security deposit back. That was the case here, the tenant had us come clean the carpets and there was nothing I saw that would be reason to withhold their security deposit. High traffic areas that stay a little darker than other areas due to carpet wear should be expected after a year. This is because in rental properties most of the time they install a cheap, “builders grade,” low quality polyester carpet that isn’t built to last. If you are in need of a professional carpet cleaning service you can book Windy City Steam right here on our website. Visit our homepage for more information.

When searching for a carpet cleaning service you want to find one you can trust. In this type of scenario you definitely want to stay away from mailers that advertise low prices per room, they will make it so that in order to get your security deposit back for the cleaning, you have to give it to them. Please be sure to read the fine print in all ads you read before hiring a company to enter your home. Once they get in your home they will upsell you like crazy to get the carpets cleaned properly, and when your security deposit is depending on it, you will allow them to do what they need. Windy City Steam works for reasonable rates locally when it comes to carpet cleaning, and have no upcharges. All our services include stain treatment and sanitizing along with the pre treatment. Don’t be fooled by companies you can’t find online, Windy City Steam keeps a solid reputation for a reason, book your carpet cleaning service today and feel comfortable about getting your security deposit back!

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