Tar Removal And Sealcoating Cleanup Service – Removing Blacktop Sealer

Removing tar and asphalt sealer can be a tricky process. Depending on the surface it gets on, you want to find the best solvent that can break it down without removing paint or causing discoloration. When it comes to the jobs we come up with, they are all different in many ways and we never know what to expect as far as how the removal will go. As you can see in this job the sealer seemed to splatter on the deck, and cover the areas of the concrete pretty well, and it pooled up really bad on the brick walkway. So here’s what we did, in the areas that were painted like the deck and the lattice we used spray cans of goof off. What we did is took and sprayed the areas and wiped them off gently. If we were to pressure wash those painted wood surfaces, we would blast the paint right off the surfaces.

On the concrete up by the door it was really heavy, but it was a small area so the solvent we used was a premium paint stripper. We just dumped some on and covered the area and then pressure washed it off. On the areas where it puddled up on the brick walkway we took a heavy duty floor stripper and sprayed it heavily on each brick and then pressure washed it off. Everything cleaned up pretty well at this one due to using to proper solvent on each little area. You want to be careful, sure Goof off breaks down sealer, but if you spray it on your vinyl siding, the areas you get it on turn white. On siding you want to try something mild like Simple Green and a lot of elbow grease or when all else fails dawn dish soap will break it down slowly but surely. If you are in need of a professional stain removal service, call Windy City Steam today! You can get more information about our pressure washing services here on our website.  


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