Removing Blacktop Sealer From Concrete – Asphalt Sealcoating Mess Cleanup

Removing blacktop sealer from concrete can be tricky at times, but it is absolutely do-able. We work for one of the biggest sealcoating companies in the West Suburbs and run into these types of jobs all the time. What typically ends up happening is they will seal a driveway on a clear day that has a 20% chance of rain, and a rain storm pops up out of nowhere before the sealer has a chance to dry and it creates a huge mess that is usually an eyesore. Each job we run into is different than the last depending on where the sealer makes a mess. Sometimes it is on the house, other times it’s on concrete sidewalks or garage doors. Each surface it gets on requires a different process to remove it.

Concrete is the easiest because it’s hard to damage concrete so we can use pretty much anything to remove it. What we end up doing is first applying a stripper or solvent that will break down the blacktop sealer, allow the solvent to sit for a couple minutes and then we pressure wash the sealer off. As long as you put a good solvent on the sealer it should blast away pretty easily otherwise you may have a difficult time getting it off fully. We use a pressure washer that will give us at least 2700 psi and a rotating nozzle on the end of the gun for easiest results. Like I said, It’s concrete so you could hit it pretty hard as long as it’s in pretty good shape. If you are in need of a service that can properly remove blacktop sealer from concrete, you could book Windy City Steam online for your convenience at or you could call us today with any questions you may possibly have.

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