Pressure Washing A Concrete Patio – Windy City Steam Pressure Washing Services

Today we pressure washed a heavily soiled concrete patio that was definitely in need of a good cleaning. It was a small little concrete slab that doesn’t seem to get enough sun so the mold and algae seems to begin to grow rather quickly. The job went really well, unfortunately we lost the footage of the actual cleaning but you can get a good idea from the before and after walkthrough that were able to get great results on this concrete patio.

Concrete patios seem to be what we pressure wash the most and that’s because they seem to get soiled much quicker than any other concrete areas, either that or that’s where people hang out so they want that area cleaned, not like people hang out in their driveways as often as they do their back yards. Either way, concrete patios always clean up great! Often times we get hired to clean concrete after a homeowner has already tried to do it themselves and decided it was gonna take way too long, or they left “stripes” in the concrete by trying to rush through it. Leave your dirty work to the professionals, at Windy City Steam we work for reasonable rates and have all the proper equipment to complete the job much quicker and streak free without breaking your back all day only to end up hiring a professional service afterwards. If you are having your concrete pressure washed, you might also want to think about applying a high quality sealer to it to protect it from the harsh winters we have in the Chicagoland area. You could either apply it yourself after having it cleaned, or it is another service we offer. You could visit our homepage for more info, or ask a technician for more information when having your concrete professionally pressure washed, we are always happy to answer any questions you might possibly have.

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