Pressure Washing A 2 Story Home From The Ground – Vinyl Siding Power Washing

Pressure washing anything up high can be a daunting task! That’s why you leave pressure washing your home up to the professionals. Honestly, we don’t even like doing it when you are talking about a 2 story home with a lot of siding and we are set up with all the proper tools to complete the job in a time efficient manner. We have a 30 foot extension pole that we use and do all of our cleaning from the ground and it’s nice because you can cover a pretty big area while standing in one spot, but I’m not gonna lie, its pretty rough on the back if you run one of these all day long. That being said, it’s not safe trying to work a lift as most peoples yards are not level, especially up near the house, and ladders aren’t safe working from because pressure washing guns have more “kickback” than you may actually realize, so using an extension pole from the ground is the safest method of cleaning your siding using a pressure washer.

In this video, the siding wasn’t very bad but it was definitely due for a good cleaning. This is about the point where you want to hire a professional company as mold was starting to grow on the siding in some areas that lack sunlight. If it gets bad that the mold begins to grow thick and mossy you are gonna find yourself paying A LOT more for a service as it will still clean up pretty good it just takes a lot longer to clean. Overall this job went really well and cleaned up beautifully, if you are in need of a pressure washing service to clean your vinyl siding or anything else you can book Windy City Steam on our website of give us a call and we will be happy to get you on the schedule!

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