Sealing A Stamped Concrete Patio That Has Never Been Sealed Before

The sealing of stamped concrete is another service that we offer and while most of our concrete sealing jobs are maintenance, unfortunately we run into these types of jobs occasionally too. What had happened is the homeowner had hired a local concrete contractor to install their stamped concrete patio and after they had been paid they didn’t return to do the last step which is actually one of the most important. That patio wouldn’t have lasted long and most importantly you won’t really see the beauty in his work until you seal it! So the homeowner had found us online and we were happy to become the company that will help them maintain this beautiful stamped concrete patio over the years to come.

When you have a stamped concrete patio installed, what many don’t realize is how often you need to maintain it. Once your acrylic sealer wears off your stamped concrete begins to look dull and discolored and homeowners think their patio is ruined. The problem is sealer wears off in the high traffic areas while other areas still contain sealer and people don’t realize how much sealer plays a part in the color of the concrete.

How often do you need to seal your stamped concrete? This depends on the weather honestly, we notice the sealer lasts a lot longer on lots surrounded by trees as opposed to properties that the sun constantly beats on. You should seal your stamped concrete every 2-5 years using a high quality solvent based acrylic sealer. Our concrete sealing is a 2 day process, we go and pressure wash the stamped concrete on day one and then come back and apply the sealer on day 2 after letting the concrete FULLY dry out. For more information or to book our stamped concrete sealing service visit the link below and we will be happy to help you maintain your stamped concrete surface!

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