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Are you looking for Concrete driveway sealing companies? We are concrete sealing experts and Naperville’s premier choice when it comes to concrete driveway sealing services! Concrete maintenance is the number one neglected service by homeowners and I have yet to figure out the reasoning. Concrete is a very absorbent substance, so all it takes it that one friend to stop by and leak oil on your driveway and your driveway has a permanent oil stain. That’s really the main benefit to having your concrete sealed & professionally maintained. Keep in mind, concrete sealing cost is nothing compared to the cost of concrete replacement. Our top of the line concrete sealers repel oil, rust, dyes, grease, soils, salt, even water. Windy City Steam’s high quality concrete sealer also is guaranteed for 5 years. Having your concrete sealed every 5 years will increase the longitude of your concrete’s life by over 20 years. Concrete cleaning & sealing is also a form of concrete restoration. You may be surprised how well your old concrete will clean up. Protect your investment and call Windy City Steam for your free concrete sealing & concrete maintenance estimate in Naperville, IL.


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Stamped Concrete Sealing in Naperville, IL


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Stamped Concrete Sealing Contractors

Stamped Concrete Sealing in Naperville, IL. We specialize in driveway sealing, patio sealing, pool deck sealing, plus many other hard surfaces. A stamped concrete driveway or patio is one of the most expensive upgrades you could make to your home. Don’t let weather be the cause of “chipping,” fading, or warping to your stamped concrete! Sealing your stamped concrete every 5 years will keep it looking beautiful with a nice sheen and protect against any staining. A high quality stamped concrete sealer will even protect against natural wear and tear! Protect your investment, not sealing your stamped concrete regularly could lead to replacing before you had planned, especially with all the hail, & snow we get in Naperville, IL. Your concrete is exposed to all of mother nature’s elements, and it is extremely important you keep up with your stamped concrete maintenance. Windy City Steam would be happy be become your stamped concrete sealing service, stamped concrete maintenance & driveway sealing contractors. Call us today to ask about our stamped concrete pricing. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Concrete Sealing
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When looking for a concrete sealing service like Windy City Steam, you want to be sure the company you hire is reputable. Concrete sealing is not a cheap service for many reasons, the main being that the sealer itself is very expensive. A reputable company is gonna use a premium acrylic sealer, not the “wet look” sealers you buy from home depot. In fact, we use a 5 year premium sealer. Those sealers that homeowners have access to at Home Depot and other hardware stores, will be wore off after ONE season here with the Chicago weather, no matter what the label says. So when hiring a concrete sealing service you want to ask what type of sealer ¬†they will be applying and from where. Be sure not to pay a premium price for low quality work, Call the pros at Windy City Steam today!

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