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Windy City Steam is a professional steam cleaning service in the West Suburbs of the Chicagoland area. We provide many floor cleaning services including tile & grout. Your grout is an absorbent structure and it’s typically lower than the faces of your tiles so it’s easy for dirt, grease and other gunk to build up on your grout. Our truck mounted steam cleaning system heats up the water over 200 degrees and cuts right through any soils you may have in your grout! Our tile & grout cleaning procedure is second to none in the industry and use top of the line tile & grout cleaning products. When we leave your house, you will be convinced your floor is new! Give us a call or fill out the form on this page to begin scheduling with the best tile & grout cleaners in Glen Ellyn, IL.

How To Keep Your Tile & Grout Cleaner, LONGER…

Are you sick of your grout lines changing colors just months after cleaning? Do you want to know why? Most homeowners are unaware that the number one cause for dirty grout is by improper cleaning! Yes, cleaning your floor is probably why your grout is so dirty. This happens because most end up dipping a mop back into dirty water and proceed to “wash” the floor with dirty water, not realizing that each time they dip the mop they are actually making the water even dirtier, with your grout being lower than your tile dirty water pools up and dries as it is being absorbed by your grout, so while the faces of your tiles appear clean, each time you clean your tile floors, you are most likely making your grout dirtier. To make sure that you are not letting any dirty water dry on your grout you want to make sure you are always using clean water with your mop. We also recommend that you have your grout sealed so that no moisture is allowed to be absorbed. To have your tile & grout professionally steam cleaned by one of our experts using our truck mounted steam cleaning system, give us a call!


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Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Does your white grout now appear BLACK?? It’s not time to replace, its time for a deep cleaning! Windy City Steam uses only the best cleaning agents available, and the industry’s number one truck mounted cleaning system! We provide professional tile & grout cleaning services at a low price! We are fully capable of making a 10+ year old floor look like NEW! You will be amazed, and best of all we take pride in customer satisfaction and once we leave the floor is perfectly safe for your kids and pets to play on! So stop mopping dirty mop water around and call Windy City Steam today to bring your tile floor back to new! Have us clean your tile and Carpet! Windy City Steam offers discounts when you combine your tile & grout and Carpet Cleaning in the same day.

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