How To Remove Leaf Stains From Concrete – Worst Leaf Staining I’ve Ever Seen!

Removing Leaf Stains After Pressure Washing Concrete

I started pressure washing this concrete patio and as I was going over it I noticed that for some reason it was staying dark. No matter what I tried it wouldn’t budge! Then I decided to dump a little bleach on it and noticed it dissolved rather easily. It was at that point I realized it was all leaf staining and couldn’t believe it. I’ve never seen concrete covered in leaf stains like that. Once I realized it decided to let the homeowner know. 

I wanted to let the homeowner know because I wanted to pressure wash the whole patio first to be sure I removed all the dirt and I knew it wasn’t gonna look very good as I was cleaning it. Basically I didn’t want the homeowner to look outside and lose hope as I was pressure washing, so I told him not to pay too close attention as I was working but I will get it looking great! I didn’t want to bleach the concrete before cleaning it because I didn’t want to mix all the dirty water with bleach because it will end up on the grass and could kill it. So I always bleach as a post treatment but as you can see it cleaned up great! If you are in need of a pressure washing company to clean your concrete you can book us online!

How To Do It:

It’s simple! Once you have a clean surface and just the stain is on the concrete you want to take an outdoor bleach and put it in a small spray bottle and spray it on the stain. Walk away, when you come back 10 minutes later the stain will be gone! At that point you can rinse away any residue (a white residue is sometimes visible from the bleach drying). At the same time if you don’t want to mess with it, you can let the rain wash it away too. It won’t require any pressure and should rinse away easily! Just make sure you are using an outdoor bleach. For this job we took bleach and mixed it in a pump up sprayer containing 25% bleach and 75% water. 

What You’ll Need:

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