Tile & Grout Cleaning Service – Cleaning A Highly Soiled Tile Floor

Crazy tile & grout cleaning footage captured by Windy City Steam at a job in Dupage County. This house was listed for sale so the realtor had called us and asked us if we could clean this floor and we thought it would clean up well but had no idea it would clean up THIS WELL! Once I sprayed my pre treatment on the floor I noticed that it turned really dark and it was sticky which was weird, but it intrigued me. “There’s no way that this whole floor is equally soiled everywhere,” I told myself. Boy was I wrong. I wish I had a camera at the time, unfortunately all I had was my cell phone and it was too hard to hold it and move the tile and grout spinner at the same time so my apologies in advance for the short footage but I needed to capture it somehow. My guess would be that the past homeowner was a heavy smoker that never took their shoes off in their home. This had to be several years of grime and grease, everytime it was mopped it was probably getting dirtier and dirtier causing the dark discoloration.

This is the main reason we tell our friends and clients when they buy a new home that they should have us steam clean all the tile and grout and carpeted areas just so that you have peace of mind walking around your new home that you aren’t dealing with any of the past homeowners grimey ways, especially once you become comfortable and are walking around barefoot. We disinfect everything with our pre treatment before we steam clean anything to ensure maximum cleanliness. To Book your next tile & grout steam cleaning service with Windy City Steam you could get more information below. We look forward to hearing from you and becoming your professional steam cleaning service of choice for years to come!

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