Concrete Patio Cleaning – Pressure Washing A Concrete Patio

Need a pressure washing service for your concrete? Windy City Steam specializes in concrete pressure washing among many other professional steam cleaning services. Most homeowners don’t realize just HOW dirty their concrete really is, nor do they know just how well it will clean up. There’s times where a homeowner hires us to clean their concrete and can’t be home for the service, and they will call us in the evening and say things like “how did you do that to my concrete? It looks brand new!” These are the simple things that make my day as a business owner.

Often times people think “this concrete is just old” and while that may be correct, if your concrete has began turning a dark grey and looks black when it’s wet, it will clean up great! Another thing I have noticed, is that some patios have so much grime and mold on them that they actually become “slick” or slippery when wet. Once you get that grime off the concrete it will no longer be slippery when wet. There’s many other reasons to pressure wash your concrete, but you also want to be sure you know what you are doing. If you are a homeowner and want to pressure wash your own concrete, you want to be sure you are using the right jets in your gun so you don’t end up damaging your concrete.

Nowadays homeowners can buy their own pressure washers for a reasonable price, but they don’t realize the damage they can cause if they don’t use it properly. Most pressure washers you buy come with jets of all sizes and they are labeled with color. I would say homeowners should only be using the “white” 40 degree jet that comes with the pressure washer. This is a safe tip as it sprays a wide 40 degree angle and is hard to cause much damage. The yellow and green should be used with caution as they are much more acute angles and will actually carve into concrete if you are using a pressure washer that has capabilities of 2700 psi or more. The red tip is red for a reason, and honestly homeowners should NEVER use it. It’s a straight zero degree nozzle that will carve your name into the concrete if you want it to. So be very cautious before pressure washing your own concrete. To book our pressure washing services you can get more info at:

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