Emergency Flood Water Cleanup & Extraction in Addison, IL

Is your basement flooding? Now What? Call Windy City Steam! We are an emergency flood clean up service in Addison, IL. Whether it is a sewage flood or rain water due to a faulty sump pump, We are Addison’s premier service for emergency water extraction & flood services! Sewer backups causing basement floods is a common problem, there is no need to panic, call the professionals and allow us to handle the situation. We will arrive in a timely manner and properly evaluate what needs to be done, and begin extracting water. It is important we don’t let water sit very long, or get above the power outlets. Once we arrive we will let you know what to expect as far as water extraction cost, & what items can be salvaged restored from water damage, then we will let the homeowner decide whether or not to call their insurance company. The first step to basement flooding is to begin the water extraction, feel free to call us anytime, even if its 3A.M. We look forward to helping you with your basement flood, or flood of any type in Addison, IL.

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What To Do When Your Basement Floods

When you are dealing with a basement flood you want to be sure to act quickly. The first step is to send our emergency response team to get all the water extracted from your basement as fast as possible. All basements are different and need to be dealt with accordingly. In situations where a carpeted basement floods homeowners have 2 options. We can have save the carpet in most cases, but some cases you may want to have us just rip it out. This depends on what caused the flood, we can usually save carpets that flooded with clean rain water that hasn’t been allowed to sit for very long. If your basement flooded due to a sewer backing up, we recommend not attempting to save the carpet. When your basement floods and you call Windy City Steam, someone will arrive immediately and begin extracting water. Once we get all the water extracted we will properly sanitize everything that got wet and begin the drying process. Drying usually takes 2-3 days, once everything is fully dry, we come back and professionally steam clean the carpet that has gotten saturated with flood water. Steam cleaning mixed with our sanitizing makes sure no mold or other bacteria is able to form in your home or carpet throughout this process. If your basement is flooding, call the water damage restoration experts at Windy City Steam and let us handle your flood properly. Your home isn’t made to handle much moisture for very long, act quick and call us now! 

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Basement Flood Water Extraction in Addison, IL

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